What is it that warms your heart, moves your soul, strikes your brain & body into motion?


5 books I loved in 2017

You will unlikely find your next summer's beach reading on this list, unless you are on a journey of self-discovery, setting off in your new life after the one you had so far, starting a new business or career, have a world changing quest or you are looking for one, or you have a suspicion that life on Earth as we see it so often these days is a fraud.

How to create a joyful life? One step at a time.

Practicing and actively manifesting gratitude changes the default setting of our lives' joy-meter. This is the 1st and best advice I can possible come up with. How, you say?

How to create a joyful life?

What’s joy and how do we find it amidst the inevitable grayness of our working days screaming of routine and everyday burdens?