At the flowhouse I am committed to unlocking your leadership awareness and potential through workshops and events.
I am also highly enthusiastic about social responsibility projects.

You see the problem but not the way out?
Stuck in your own head and need a new perspective?
Your life or organization screams for a change?
Our Moves2Move workshop is the answer!


all about change & transformation

The Moves2Move workshops are designed to awaken the endless possibilities beyond our self-limited vision. Firstly we map out the status quo through specific tools around assumptions and the anatomy of peace, then we build on new perspectives with intention. Suitable for small to medium groups of individuals (6-15) or corporate teams who are keen on creating a shift in their lives and organization.
You feel small and overwhelmed?
Your life does not seem to go on the right track?
You are wondering where have you lost your confidence?
Our Amazon workshop is custom-made to look for your power!

The Amazon Project

find your voice & use it

The Amazons were a legendary tribe of warriors according to both Greek and South American mythology. The modern meaning of the word depicts strong-willed women who can hold their own in the world. The Amazon Project’s aim is to create a safe and inspiring space for women who want to find their inner will and voice, and express it in a way that creates the intentional impact of their choice.
You have ideas how to make coaching and leadership awareness accessible to anyone in need and are looking for a partner in crime?
You are eager to serve others and help make the world a better place? Do not hesitate to engage with me in a meaningful discussion!

Social responsibility

we need each other to do well

Social engagement is a key element embedded in the philosophy of the flowhouse. Most recently I am volunteering as a coach to support 45+ year olds seeking employment or changing careers.
For more go to Restart Up.


"Your isolated happiness and success does not serve anyone, including you. We are not meant to thrive in isolation. We need each other to do well."

(Andrea Ranae)