What is it that warms your heart, moves your soul, strikes your brain & body into motion?


It’s not all salt baths and chocolate cake

A brilliant absolute must read from Brianna Wiest on the different layers of self-care. Because it isn’t all salt baths and chocolate cakes, and “I deserve it” rationales. It is so much more and so much better!

Well, hello 2018!

The new year has been around over a month now… time to take a step back and look at how it is unfolding. Are you on the track you set out for yourself? This moment is just as perfect as any to re-calculate and begin again, if this is what's needed.

How to create a joyful life? One step at a time.

Practicing and actively manifesting gratitude changes the default setting of our lives' joy-meter. This is the 1st and best advice I can possible come up with. How, you say?

How to create a joyful life?

What’s joy and how do we find it amidst the inevitable grayness of our working days screaming of routine and everyday burdens?