What is it that warms your heart, moves your soul, strikes your brain & body into motion?


u.Flow – Leap into the future you dream of

Where are you now in your life and in what direction is the future pulling you forward? Who will you be once you dare stepping into a new emerging reality?  Join Leadership and Somatic Coach Ingrid Balogh (CPCC, ACC) on a full-day learning for the transformation of a lifetime! Now in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

To intend or to not intend?

Without intention nothing happens. The reason behind inaction is lack of or the holding back of our intention. Is intention in any way related to how successful we become in reaching certain goals? Absolutely yes. Read more to test your intentions for 2019.

It’s not all salt baths and chocolate cake

A brilliant absolute must read from Brianna Wiest on the different layers of self-care. Because it isn’t all salt baths and chocolate cakes, and “I deserve it” rationales. It is so much more and so much better!