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Adios 2017! It’s been a weird year…

Things I learnt and started doing in 2017

  1. Even death can be life affirming, and there is a way to leave this Earth gracefully.
  2. I stopped rehearsing in my head. I started speaking out loud from my heart. Goosebumps!
  3. My life has its unique flow and I have a choice any minute to step into it or create an alternative reality.
  4. An alternative reality may exist within us through carrying the burdens of other generations, and it is me only who can separate myself from the burden of others’, and let the flow of my own life happen undisturbed.
  5. When I let go of fear life is magical and effortless.
  6. Such a relief to finally not talk about myself. Having a bigger aim than myself is freedom.
  7. It’s all about intentions, purpose, stake. Find your “WHY”, and a new life begins.
  8. Having a vision, a “WHY” is essential. But I still got to move my ass and do the DOs.
  9. WAIT – Why Am I Talking? Being conscious about my purpose and intentions. Or just shut the fuck up and listen.
  10. I have changed, again, big time. My environment did not necessarily change with me, and this can be painful at times. It’s on me to close the gap in a way or another. Paradigm shift is always painful.
  11. Expect nothing from others and yet do not settle for less than everything. Work in progress.
  12. I am the creator of my own reality, and up until now I kept forgetting to include something really important on my vision board. Also, I never had a vision board before.
  13. Allowing time for the new paradigm to become solid is of essence. “Work” meant something completely different for 15 years of my life than what it means now.
  14. I can do whatever I want, literally. This is liberating: the world opens, and great responsibility: really, netflix for the whole day?
  15. My body is not made of fragile glass. I can survive the pain of a kick or punch in my Thai boxing class.
  16. I am capable of dating without getting wasted. Staying present and curious in the company of a stranger is a new experience and well done to me.
  17. Slow is the new fast. (Thanks MM.)

The point is not to judge whether what happened is good or bad, the point is to observe what happened and take note: was this the stuff you wanted – INTENDED – to happen, or not? If not, how do you make stuff happen intentionally in the next year?

It’s been a weird year for me, and I am truly grateful for all its weirdness.  Stay tuned for “Well, hello 2018!”.


Ingrid Balogh
Ingrid Balogh
Ingrid Balogh is a fearless amazon, passionate globetrotter, authentic human being. She holds a BA in economics, has 14 years of experience in supply chain, has lived in South-East Asia as an expat, and now she can’t get enough of loving her life as a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC, PCC) and leadership expert.